Monday, February 13, 2012

New items for spring

My work routine has been affected a little by the uncertainty about the development of my webshop. I have been using my website only for providing information about me and my products. Now I want to change it to a webshop and need to change the provider to the one whose e-commerce package I am using to build my shop. I was told that the process of transferring could take between a few days and a few months. I applied for the transfer on 1st February and have not heard anything back yet. I cannot test my webshop. And really, I don’t like waiting.

Since I have not been able to do much with my webshop I have been working on my new designs.

The first one is a set of top and skirt inspired by mod fashion. The skirt will be a plain color and the top will have patches of 3 different colors, that will be my favorite color combo of black, grey and red. First I begin with an easy part, that is drafting the pattern for the skirt. It will be a couple of inches shorter than my normal a-line skirts. Below are pictures of work in progress.

I always draft the first draft of pattern on flipchart sheets with gridlines. The lines help with accuracy.

And I always begin with size Medium.

After drafting the pattern I make the first sample of the skirt. This will happen in the coming days. If adjustments are needed, I go back to the pattern and change things around. Once I am satisfied I transfer the pattern onto harder paper, which is ready to be used for cutting the fabrics. Then I move on to the drafting the pattern of the matching top. I will surely share the results on my blog.

The picture below shows some of my patterns. On the left are the first drafts and some patterns of custom made items. On the right, the yellow-ish paper, are the actual patterns for my clothes.

I am also working on a new leather bag. Picture taken with my leather sewing machine, a very loyal friend of mine.

To be put together.

More 1920s inspired flapper dresses will be introduced this spring. I have the designs drafted out and the fabrics are waiting for me so eagerly. I have lovely fine cotton voile for the dresses.

The first dress will be a combo of these two fabrics of colors grey, red, pink, blue and white.

Note the lovely mobile hanging on the top right corner of the picture below. It received it as a gift from Nicole from Banongo when she stayed with us one lovely summer day in 2010. See some pictures of the visit here. It is a lovely and environmental-friendly mobile made of upcycled plastic bags.

The next color combo of the 20s inspired dress is black, green and blue. I love the print very much.

Beautiful, soft and light.

NOW, a lot of plans, eh.
AND we will see which will get done first.
BUT, first I will finish two bags ordered from my Etsy shop in the past couple of days.

Thank you for reading and keeping in touch.
- Thongbai

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Melinda said...

Can't wait to see the new mod dress!